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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did your two Nitty-Gritty Grammar books come about?
The books are spin-offs from the popular "Nitty-Gritty Grammar" classes we taught for twenty years at San Diego State University-a one-day, zany blitz through grammar basics.

Q. What makes the books different?
Between the two books, eighty-five popular syndicated cartoons help demystify grammar. Humor grounds these user-friendly grammar books. "Right," "Wrong," and "Why" symbols make examples clear. A Ticker Tape at the bottom of each page highlights common bloopers. The detailed index provides quick access to specific topics. Our Nitty-Gritty Grammar guides offer catchy tips and hints to help you avoid spoken and written errors.

Q. Who are your readers?
Our Nitty-Gritty Grammar books reach a broad audience. They're parked on desks in homes, schools, and businesses nationwide. Our own copies are well-thumbed.
People buy them for themselves or for gifts. One reader said simply, "Everyone, young and old, will love these books."
If puzzled, readers use these books for quick reference: Where do the quotation marks go? Is a TV program in quotes or italics? How do ellipses work? How do you make "Wiggins" plural and possessive?
What Readers Say
What Reviewers Say

Q. What's the tone of the books?
For readers with "grammarphobia," the books' charts and grammar-related cartoons keep the tone light and funny. Examples are short, clear, and definitely "not-so-serious."

Q. Where can we get Nitty-Gritty Grammar and More Nitty-Gritty Grammar?
See the Ordering page

So, that's the story. Just picture us in our blue Keystone Cop hats saying, "Remember, grammar is a very serious business!"

- Edith Fine and Judith Josephson
aka The Grammar Patrol
As the Grammar Patrol, Judith P. Josephson (left) and Edith H. Fine field grammar questions on radio shows nationwide. Besides their two popular Nitty-Gritty Grammar books, the authors have written award-winning children's books. Both live in southern California with their families.
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Parts of Speech Puzzler
Need help? Two two rib-ticklin', cartoon-driven grammar guides to the rescue

Nitty-Gritty Grammar and More Nitty-Gritty Grammar
Jessica's hunk detector works well. (Not, good)                                                 Hugh wished his telephone had rung. (Not, would have rang)                                                 Sewer Tour: $45, plus guide's tip. (Not, guides tip or guides' tip)                                                 Linda loves lying on the beach. (Not, laying)                                                 Miss Piggy should have run for president. (Not, should of)                                                 Cory and I use gargoyles for garden gnomes. (Not, Cory and me)                                                 I saw the Doo-Dah Parade yesterday. (Not, seen)                                                 There are not enough votes. (Not, There is or There's)                                                 It's revolting! (Not, its)                                                 You're our hero, Mr. Rogers. (Not, Your)                                                 Where is it? (Not, Where's it at)                                                 Frankenstein arrived with him and a werewolf. (Not, he)                                                 I should have gone bowling. (Not, should have went)                                                 Colleen entertains better than I (Not, me)                                                 Are our children learning? (Not, Is)                                                 The feisty clerk's nickname is "Spitfire." (Not, "Spitfire". )                                                 Florists take romance seriously. (Not, serious)                                                 Caf Flour Power showcased its new torte. (Not, it's)                                                 Ted and Tisha's van was stolen. (Not, Ted's and Tisha's )                                                 Bill's and Alma's tubas collided. (Not, Bill and Alma's )                                                 The Lotto Jackpot was bigger than expected. (Not, more bigger)                                                 Your poodle terrifies my Rottweiller. (Not, You're )                                                 Where are my Ripplin' Red lures? (Not, Where's [where is])                                                 It's time for Jen and me to build a snowman. (Not, I)                                                 Snails-to-Go is closing its doors forever. (Not, it's)                                                 The effects of garlic chili last for hours. (Not, affects)                                                  The flavor of the fowl enhanced the tofu. (Not, foul)                                                 Things are going bad on the Fashion Fest runway. (Not, badly)                                                 "I'm going to lie down," said Dagwood. (Not, lay)                                                 Bette plays better with decent clubs. (Not, more better )                                                 Gryffindor swept the Quidditch finals. (Not, sweeped )                                                 You're camping in Antarctica? (Not, Your)                                                 Deedee and I saddled up. (Not, myself)                                                 Terry plays Boggle with Jeannie andme. (Not, I)                                                 Lee showed her mementos of Africa. (Not, momentos)                                                 It sounds as if Chle loves singing. (Not, like)                                                  The Taj Mahal is a unique building. (Not most unique or very unique)                                                  They signed the card, "The Smiths." (Not "The Smith's.")                                                  Let's finish the croquet match. (Not, lets)                                                 She and I are going to the tatoo parlor. (Not, Me and her)                                                 These kinds of truffles are dangerously good. (Not, These kind)                                                 As I said, Travis rescued Fluffy. (Not, Like I said)                                                 Stella told Steve and me about her adventure (Not, I)                                                 Sergeant Pepper will take roll call. (Not, role call)                                                
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