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Reviewers Say . . .

"Jokes and comics are used throughout to keep things light-useful books at a good price and fun besides."
-Library Journal

"These energetic handbooks are indispensable tools . . . Good for refreshing, reviewing, or polishing one's skills. English can actually be fun!"
-The Writer

"Grammar is indeed a very serious subject, but I got big laughs from this book."
-Al Martinez, columnist, The Los Angeles Times

"These are gems! As a speech coach, I recommend these books to my clients. One corporate client bought copies for his employees because he was so impressed with their value."
-Jenni Prisk, president, Prisk Communication

"These lively teachers will try anything to teach grammar, even the comics. It works. They are doing God's work here, and I hope He helps spread it around."
-Neil Morgan, co-founder & senior editor of www.voiceofsandiego.org

"A must-read for the grammatically challenged executive. No need for hip boots here: There's enough humor to make this normally intimidating subject enjoyable."
-Stewart Pinkerton, deputy managing editor, Forbes Magazine

"Wow! A grammar book that is anything but dull and boring. Rather, Nitty-Gritty Grammar is a delightful review of how our marvelous English language actually works."
-Richard Lederer, aka "Conan the Grammarian," author

"If learning grammar is as much fun as a trip to the dentist, these Nitty-Gritty Grammar guides are the laughing gas. The drills on correct speech are so wacky, you can't help but remember them."
-Mary Kay Blakely, author and professor of journalism, University of Missouri

"Fine and Josephson educated and entertained countless students in teaching 'Nitty-Gritty Grammar' at San Diego State University Extension. These books capture the essence of their popular classes!"
-Jan Wahl, assistant dean, San Diego State University, College of Extended Studies

"Fine and Josephson offer a quick, painless way to catch up. Their good-natured, brainy help shows how to mend split infinitives, keep participles from dangling, and master the art of "who" and "whom."
-Patricia O'Toole, award-winning author

"The appeal of the cartoons, the easy-to-understand explanations, and the user-friendly format make these the grammar references of choice for all grammar-impaired parents who teach their own kids."
-Julie Bogart, home schooler and writing teacher

"I read Nitty-Gritty Grammar prior to having Edith Fine and Judith Josephson on my talk radio show. Informative and funny, these guests kept the phone lines full the entire hour. If you only read the 'ticker tape' which runs throughout the book at the bottom of each page, you will learn more than you did in twelve years of boring English classes."
-Bob Katzen, WRKO Radio, Boston, Massachusett

What Readers Say
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Need help? Two two rib-ticklin', cartoon-driven grammar guides to the rescue

Nitty-Gritty Grammar and More Nitty-Gritty Grammar
Snails-to-Go is closing its doors forever. (Not, it's)                                                 The effects of garlic chili last for hours. (Not, affects)                                                  The flavor of the fowl enhanced the tofu. (Not, foul)                                                 Things are going bad on the Fashion Fest runway. (Not, badly)                                                 "I'm going to lie down," said Dagwood. (Not, lay)                                                 Bette plays better with decent clubs. (Not, more better )                                                 Gryffindor swept the Quidditch finals. (Not, sweeped )                                                 You're camping in Antarctica? (Not, Your)                                                 Deedee and I saddled up. (Not, myself)                                                 Terry plays Boggle with Jeannie andme. (Not, I)                                                 Lee showed her mementos of Africa. (Not, momentos)                                                 It sounds as if Chle loves singing. (Not, like)                                                  The Taj Mahal is a unique building. (Not most unique or very unique)                                                  They signed the card, "The Smiths." (Not "The Smith's.")                                                  Let's finish the croquet match. (Not, lets)                                                 She and I are going to the tatoo parlor. (Not, Me and her)                                                 These kinds of truffles are dangerously good. (Not, These kind)                                                 As I said, Travis rescued Fluffy. (Not, Like I said)                                                 Stella told Steve and me about her adventure (Not, I)                                                 Sergeant Pepper will take roll call. (Not, role call)                                                 Jessica's hunk detector works well. (Not, good)                                                 Hugh wished his telephone had rung. (Not, would have rang)                                                 Sewer Tour: $45, plus guide's tip. (Not, guides tip or guides' tip)                                                 Linda loves lying on the beach. (Not, laying)                                                 Miss Piggy should have run for president. (Not, should of)                                                 Cory and I use gargoyles for garden gnomes. (Not, Cory and me)                                                 I saw the Doo-Dah Parade yesterday. (Not, seen)                                                 There are not enough votes. (Not, There is or There's)                                                 It's revolting! (Not, its)                                                 You're our hero, Mr. Rogers. (Not, Your)                                                 Where is it? (Not, Where's it at)                                                 Frankenstein arrived with him and a werewolf. (Not, he)                                                 I should have gone bowling. (Not, should have went)                                                 Colleen entertains better than I (Not, me)                                                 Are our children learning? (Not, Is)                                                 The feisty clerk's nickname is "Spitfire." (Not, "Spitfire". )                                                 Florists take romance seriously. (Not, serious)                                                 Caf Flour Power showcased its new torte. (Not, it's)                                                 Ted and Tisha's van was stolen. (Not, Ted's and Tisha's )                                                 Bill's and Alma's tubas collided. (Not, Bill and Alma's )                                                 The Lotto Jackpot was bigger than expected. (Not, more bigger)                                                 Your poodle terrifies my Rottweiller. (Not, You're )                                                 Where are my Ripplin' Red lures? (Not, Where's [where is])                                                 It's time for Jen and me to build a snowman. (Not, I)                                                
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